Actuator, Control Circuit, I/O signal Connector, Mounting Brackets for Control Circuit (with screws), Operating Manual
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●Production Information

Discontinued product in 1/Apr./2018

●Component Name

ASD13B-A(Control Circuit)


Shaft TypeSingle Shaft
Output Table Supporting BearingCross-Roller Bearing
Frame Size85mm
Electromagnetic BrakeWithout
Driver TypePulse Input Type
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy±15sec (±0.004˚)
Maximum Holding Force - Power ON1.8Nm
Maximum Holding Force - Power OFF0Nm
Lost Motion2min (0.034˚)
Permissible Torque2.8N・m
Inertial Moment J2534×10^-6kg・m^2
Permissible Speed200r/min
Gear Ratio18
Angular Transmission Error4min (0.067˚)
Permissible Thrust Load500N
Permissible Moment Load10N・m
Runout of Output Table Surface0.015mm
Runout of Output Table Inner (Outer) Diameter0.015mm
Parallelism of Output Table0.03mm
Actuator Degree of ProtectionIP40**
CE Markingaffixed
Speed and Positioning Control CommandPulse Input
Power Supply Input - VoltageSingle-Phase 100-115VAC -15%~+10%
Power Supply Input - Frequency50/60Hz
Power Supply Input - Current3.3A
Mass: Actuator1.2kg
Mass: Control Circuit0.8kg
  • * With the DG85 type, only the driver conforms to the CSA Standards.
    ** IP20 for motor connector
  • ●You can set one of four resolutions using the resolution select switch or resolution select signal.
      9000 P/R (0.04˚/step [500] [×1] setting)
      18000 P/R (0.02˚/step [1000] [×1] setting)
      90000 P/R (0.004˚/step [500] [×10] setting)
      180000 P/R (0.002˚/step [1000] [×10] setting)
     The initial settings for the driver are [1000] [×1] and 18000 P/R (0.02˚/step).


The link of Web2CAD site can be used for 3D CAD data downloading as well. For more details, please click here.

2D-CAD ActuatorD518.dxf
Actuator home-sensor set (accessory) is attachedD526.dxf
Control CircuitB197.dxf
3D-CAD(web2CAD) Actuatorto web2CAD site
Control Circuitto web2CAD site
Document DGls_dg_a.pdf
Operating Manual Hollow Rotary Actuators DG Series DG85, DG130, DG200HG-8034E.pdf
Control Circuit
Characteristics Diagram
Other specifications
Other specifications
Safety Standards