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AR Series

DC Power-Supply Input Pulse Input Type

The extensive AR Series DC Power-Supply Input lineup that utilizes high-effi ciency technology.
Two types are available: the built-in controller type equipped with interfaces that connect to a wide variety of host systems and the pulse input type that enables the motor to be controlled from a pulse generator provided by the customer.

Our Unique Closed Loop Control Providing High Reliability

Continues Operation Even During Abrupt Load Changes and Accelerations

During normal operation, the motor operates synchronously with command pulses in open loop mode. When an overload condition is detected, the motor instantly switches to closed loop mode to correct the rotor position.

Rotor Position Detection Sensor (Resolver)

The sensor is compact and slim, making the overall length of the motor shorter.

When compared with typical optical encoders, this sensor is superior in heat resistance, vibration resistance, etc.

As encoder cables are not needed, only a single cable is needed for the connection between the motor and driver.

Alarm Signal Output in Case of Abnormality

If an overload is applied continuously, an alarm signal is output. When the positioning is complete, an END signal is output. This ensures the same level of reliability achieved by a servo motor.

Also Supports Absolute Systems

You can build an absolute system that detects absolute positions by connecting the accessory battery (sold separately). (available only on the built-in controller type)

Connects to a Wide Variety of Host Systems

Select the Control Method in Accordance with Your Operation System


Highly Functional, Compact Driver

Compact DC Power-Supply Input Driver

The compact DC power input driver makes it possible to reduce the space needed for installing control boxes and devices. The driver can be mounted directly to a DIN rail, so no screws are necessary.

Push-Motion Operation

A force is continuously applied to the load. When contact is made with the load, the motor switches to push-motion operation and applies constant torque to the load.

48 VDC Compatible

The motor runs on a 24 VDC or 48 VDC power supply. Choose the power supply that you have available. The torque is higher when 48 VDC is used rather than 24 VDC. (□28 only accepts 24 VDC input.)

Continuous Operation is Achieved Due to the Reduction of Motor Heat Generation by Utilizing High-Efficiency Technology.

Lower Heat Generation

Significant reduction in heat generation has been achieved through high-efficiency technology.

Energy Savings

The power consumption is 30% less than a conventional model (also by Oriental Motor).

Continuous Operation (Operation at high frequency)

The AR Series can be operated at high frequency. You can drive the motor continuously.