Motorized Actuators
Motorized Cylinders

EZ limo EZA Series

These motorized cylinders have a built-in LM guide. Greater ease of use and improved performance are realized with a compact body.
These motorized cylinders do not require any external guide mechanism such as a guide.

High Thrust Force

These models are ideal for applications where the load is pushed (pressured) directly or with a pressure jig such as a die set used on a press machine.


Large Transportable Mass

The load can be transported directly without using an external guide.


High-Speed Operation

High-speed positioning operation is possible.


Space Saving

With a revision of the motor cable output shape, there is no longer dead space. The overall length has become shorter at each stroke, thereby saving the equipment space.


Built-In LM Guide

The LM guide is housed in the motorized cylinder body for smaller size and greater ease of use.


No Need for External Guide

No external guide mechanism, such as a guide, is required and the load can be transported or pushed (pressured) directly.

Flexible Mounting

You can choose either the flange face or base face for installation, and mounting plates for 2-axis configuration, etc., are also available as accessories.

Vibration Suppression Function

The newly developed control method achieves low vibration even at the speed range where large vibration occurs normally.


Easy Wiring with Just One Cable

The cylinder and controller are connected via a single cable, and the wiring distance can be extended to a maximum of 20m✽
The cable is fitted with a connector for quick connection.

✽Maximum of 10m if the input is 24 VDC.

Easy Stroke Selection