Standard AC Motors

Right-Angle Gearheads

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Right-angle gearheads are flange-mounted gearheads that use worm gears and special helical gears. They allow motors to be installed at right angles to the axis of equipment such as belt conveyors. They are available as hollow shaft RH types and solid shaft RA types and are ideal for keeping equipment compact.
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Ideal for Space Saving

The motor is perpendicular to the load shaft, enabling space saving.

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Low Cost

With hollow shaft gearheads, the parts cost and labor will decrease since no connecting parts are needed.

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Wide Variety

A wide variety of gear ratios (20 types, from 3 to 180) are available.
The optimal gear ratio can be selected in the same manner as with parallel shaft gearheads.
The maximum permissible torques are also the same as for parallel shaft gearheads.
● The GE pinion solid shaft type comes with a tapped hole at the shaft end.

Mounting Using Torque Arm (Sold separately)

Hollow shaft gearheads (5GE□RH, 5GU□RH) are locked with a torque arm (sold separately) when mounted so the gearhead does not rotate from the reactive force of the load. When the torque arm is used, centering becomes unnecessary, so equipment mounting time can be reduced.