Standard AC Motors
Brake Pack



The brake pack provides instantaneous stop, bi-directional operation and electromagnetic brake control functions for motors integrated into one unit.

This brake pack can sense when the thermal protector is opened, further ensuring the safety of your equipment.
For greater convenience, a function has been added to reset alarms using an external signal.


Four Functions in One Integrated Unit

Instantaneous stop, bi-directional operation, electromagnetic brake control and thermal protector open detection functions are provided.✽

✽ Thermal protector open detection function
(Available only when combined with a motor having a built-in thermal protector)
When the motor's thermal protector (overheat protection device) is activated, the SB50W outputs an alarm signal and automatically stops the power supply to the motor. The motor will not restart by itself, even after the temperature drops and the thermal protector closes. The alarm can be reset with external signals.

Instantaneous Stop Possible

The electronic brake stops the motor instantaneously. A large braking force causes the motor to instantaneously stop in 0.1 seconds, allowing for an overrun of 1 to 1.5 rotations or less.
The braking current flows through the motor for approximately 0.4 seconds, after which the power supply to the motor is cut off automatically. (The motor will have no holding force.)

Link Electronic Brakes and Electromagnetic Brakes

By combining the SB50W with an electromagnetic brake motor, you can link the electronic brake with the electromagnetic brake to allow the load to be held automatically following an instantaneous stop. This configuration is ideal for vertical applications in which the load must be held following the instantaneous stop of the motor.

Long Life, Simple Wiring and Maintenance-Free

The electronic brake operates on current flow, so it lasts longer than the mechanically operated electromagnetic brake that is subject to wear. This makes the SB50W ideal for motor inching applications.
The SB50W is an electronic-input type brake pack, so it doesn't use a power relay and is maintenance-free. Wiring is easy as well.

Wide Voltage Range of 100 to 230 VAC

The SB50W, which covers a single-phase voltage range of 100 to 230 VAC ±10%, supports the power supply voltages used in many countries around the world with one unit.
Use this product according to the power supply voltage of applicable motors.

Supports Motors with Outputs of 1W to 90W

The SB50W can be used with induction motors, reversible motors, electromagnetic brake motors and watertight, dustresistant motors with a motor output from 1W to 90W.

Switchable Sink/Source Logic

Sink or Source can be selected for the I/O circuit. You can change the setting at any time.

Characteristics of Brake Pack