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  • 02-03-2016

    CVK Series

    Flexible choice of 2-Phase and 5-Phase Stepping Motors.

    Enhanced compatibility while utilizing both 2-Phase and 5-Phase characteristics.

    Most suitable motor selection according to intended use.

  • 29-01-2016

    DGII Series (AR series/RKⅡ series )

    New types, <Closed-loop Type> and <Open-loop Type>, are now available in the DG Series featuring the integration of a hollow rotary table and a stepping motor. These products will satisfy a variety of customers' needs with a wide range of uses.

  • 16-12-2015

    DG II Series with Built-in AZ Series

    The DG Series integrated hollow rotary tables and stepper motor product lineup now includes models with built-in AZ Series products. The battery-free absolute system positioning contributes to improved productivity and cost reduction.

  • 13-11-2015

    US2 Series

    One-class higher performance and reliability by advanced D-loop with easy-to-use functions and stylish look.

    US2 Series, fully-redesigned from the US Series, has been greatly advanced in all aspects.

    We strongly recommend this product to all the customers who uses speed control motors.

  • 19-08-2015

    BMU 200/400W Series

    Setting dial for easy speed control. Easy wiring – just connecting the motor with the driver, and turning on! This series using a new brushless motor, provide the highest level speed control at affordable prices.