Load and Up/Down Movement Brushless DC Motors
BMU Series
This video demonstrates how a Brushless DC Motor can be used in an application where loading and vertical movements are used.

Automated Guided Vehicle Demonstration
BLH Series
Check out our latest inhouse video created by us! This video demonstrates some features and capabilities of our BLH Series brushless motor being used in an AGV.

USII Series
This video shows the fully-redesigned US Series with easy operation without using manual, simple wiring and other useful functions. It is one class higher performance and reliability by advanced D-loop.

BLE2 Series
This video introduce three feature from various function.1) multi-speed control ,2) analog speed control by external speed potentiometer and 3) torque limit control.

Label Attaching Process
BMU Series
This video will demonstrate about the process of labeling bottles with the BMU Series.

Wiring Process
BMU Series
This video will demonstrate about the wiring process for BMU Series.

Spin And Push With Easy Speed Control
BMU Series
Spin and push with easy speed control. Easy wiring and quick start function. Open the panel reveals extensive functions. It has user-friendly features and extensive functions, all available at as a low cost, easy to use product.

High Speed Brushless DC Motor with Encoder
BX Series
The full lineup covers a wide power output range from 30 W up to a higher
to a higher of up to 400 W speed range from 3-3000 rpm. When used with a control module, it provides torque limiting, position control and other extended functions.

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