Modular Automation
Modular Automation: Advanced Solution for Tomorrows Automation

Oriental Motor proposes numerous compact, lightweight and high-performance items nurtured by battery-powered, world-class technology.

Unleash the concept of automation and realize a new world of possibilities. The product line offers limitless ideas.

Let's create the next generation of motion together.

New Product Line

The New Conceptual Product Line, Move, Combines and Create Work Cells, Automatically

Modular Automation Products are a group of products that share the common features of being battery-powered, compact and light weight. Optimized for use in self-propelled devices and mobile equipment, they contribute to the realization of flexible automation lines and mobile automation, which will be required more in the future.

Video Demonstration

αSTEP AZ Series mini driver and motor transmission device

Adopting the Closed-Loop control system equipped with newly developed ABZO encoder. A battery-free absolute system is realized. Small and lightweight design with built-in mini drive and reducing control panel space. It can be connected to the AZ series DC power input motors and electric drives equipped with such motors. Contributing to the development of battery-driven equipment.

・AZ series mini drive products are temporarily not available for online purchase, if you need to buy, please contact your nearest sales point ▶Click here to view the contact information of each sales point

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Brushless motor BLV series R type

It can run at a low speed of 1r/min to achieve smooth driving.

Both the motor and the driver are greatly reduced in size and weight. Contribute to the development of smaller battery-driven machines.

BLV series R type introduction


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