Stepping Motors
5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages

RKII Series (Built-in Controller Type)

RKII Series (Built-in Controller Type) is a space saving motor as it is slim and compact. Compared to the conventional product, it has high efficiency with low price. With high efficiency, it can reduce power consumption by up to 47%. With lower heat generation, continuous operation can be achieved. It is easy wired and easy to use and also have high performance and reliability.

Slim and Compact Drive

This new driver has been created withre-arrangement of the internal components of the previous design, optimizing the usage of the size within the driver. In addition,drivers can be installed side by side, reducing a significant amount of space.

High Efficiency

By optimizing the motor material, 47% of the power consumption has been reduced. This results in the decrease of electricity and emission. In addition, with the lower heat generated by the motor, there is a lesser requirement of fans or radiation plate.

Easy Wiring

The new I/O connector does not require a screw, eliminating the need for soldering or a special crimping tool. The motor connector can be connected easily by using a dedicated cable. This will reduce wiring time, maintenance and prevent mis-wiring.

Shorter Positioning Time

With conventional stepping motors, in applications where heat generation had to be suppressed, the operating current had to be reduced, which also reduced torque.With the RKⅡ Series, thanks to its low heat generating, highly efficient motors, the motor torque can be used fully to reduce positioning time.

Compact and High Torque

The RKⅡ Series is compact but produces high torque. The torque of the 42 mm frame size model has increased 50%. This contributes to a reduction in positioning and equipment take time. The series includes 60 mm and 85 mm frame size models to cover a wide torque range.

Various kinds of protection are installed

Protection function to take immediate measures is installed. Alarm LED will show detail of trouble, the user can specify it immediately from blink count.

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