Stepping Motors
5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages

CRK Series

The CRK Series is a motor and driver package product combining a high-performance, 5-phase stepping motor with a compact, low-vibration microstep driver offering the smooth drive function.
Four motor frame sizes of 20 mm, 28 mm, 42 mm and 60 mm are available, as well as various geared motors.

Compact, Lightweight Microstep Driver

Combined drivers achieve microstep drive with compact, lightweight bodies.
A new IC allows the driver to provide various functions. The supplied mounting plate makes installation easy.

Low Vibration and Noise Reduction Achieved by Microstep Drive

The basic step angle of the motor can be divided into a maximum of 250 microstep angles without using any mechanical element such as a speed reduction mechanism.
As a result, vibration and noise are further reduced.

Smooth Drive Function for Enhanced Ease of Use

The smooth drive function automatically implements microstep drive based on the same traveling amount and traveling speed used in the full step mode, without changing the pulse input settings.
This function is particularly useful when the system is operated in the full-step or half-step mode.


Enhanced Functions

● 1-Pulse/2-Pulse Input Mode Switching
● 5-Phase/2-Phase Step Angles
● Power Input Indicator LED
● Photocoupler Input
● Connector with Lock Mechanism (by MOLEX)

Mounting Plate for Easy Installation


Compact Driver Compatible with DIN Rails

Compact Case-type DC Power Supply Input Driver

This compact driver features dimensions of 35mm (w) × 100mm (h)× 70mm (d).
This contributes to space saving for the control box and equipment.


Installable on DIN Rails

The driver can be installed directly on a DIN rail. No installation screws are required.
* Can be installed on DIN rails only.


Easy Wiring

Wiring with connectors eliminates the need for special crimp tools, and makes wiring easy.