Stepping Motors
5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages

CRK Series (Built-in Controller Type) RS-485 Communication


The 5 phase stepping motor and driver package CRK Series, designed for low vibration and low noise, now comes with a built-in controller function.

The new CRK series can also be controlled from a host controller via RS-485 communication in addition to I/O control. Additionally, new encoder motors are now available that enables the monitoring of positioning information.

This 5-phase DC-input stepping motor and driver package adopts a microstep drive technology. The driver incorporates the stored-data type controller function. The motor and driver package comes with an encoder motor that allows position
information to be monitored. Either I/O control or RS-485 communication can be selected for the purpose of
controlling the motor.

Compact Driver with Built-in Controller Function

Space Saving and Reduced Wiring

As no pulse generator is needed and employing a compact design for its driver, it is easier to design your equipment with a smaller space and achieve a simpler system.


Up to 63 Points of Operating Data

Up to 63 points of positioning data can be set in the driver. The desired data can be set in the incremental mode (relative distance specification) or absolute mode (absolute position specification) separately for each data.

Three Operating Patterns

●Positioning Operation

Set the desired motor operating speed or travel amount for each operating data, select a given operating data, and operate the motor according to the selected operating data.

◇ Linked Motion
If “Linked Motion” is set for the target operating data, consecutive positioning operations can be performed based on the current data and subsequent data numbers that follow, simply by inputting the START signal just once.


◇ Sequential Operation
When “sequential positioning” of operating data is set to “enable”, positioning operation is performed to the next operation everytime a START input signal is given.

●Speed Control Operation

The motor operates continuously while the FWD or RVS input is ON. Because the motor operates according to the speed that is pre-set under each operation data number, you can perform an operation where the motor changes its speed to multiple levels, simply by changing the data number sequentially.


●Return-to-Home Operation
The product comes with a return-to-home operation function, meaning that home detection can easily be performed by wiring a sensor.

●Compact, Case-Type Driver of DC Power Supply Input

The driver has been designed with a compact size of 35 mm in width, 100 mm in height and 70 mm in depth. These dimensions will save space for your control panel and equipment.


●Installable on DIN Rail

The driver can be installed directly on a DIN rail. No installation screws are required.
* Can be installed on DIN rails only.