Stepping Motors
2-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages

CMK Series


This package consists of a 2-phase stepping motor and a 24 VDC input microstep driver.

It helps you reduce the size and vibration of your equipment.


Compact, Lightweight Microstep Driver

Low Vibration and Noise Reduction Achieved by Microstep Drive

The newly designed compact DC power-supply input, boardlevel driver achieves microstep drive in a compact, lightweight body. The basic step angle (1.8˚/step) of a 2-phase stepping motor can be enhanced to a resolution of up to 16 times (0.1125˚/ step) without using any speed reduction mechanism or other mechanical components. This reduces the vibration and noise of your equipment.

cmk_01 cmk_02 cmk_03

Full Range of Driver Functions and Features

● Five Preset Step Angles
● Operating Current Easily Set with Digital Switch
● 1-Pulse/2-Pulse Input Mode Switching
● Power Input Indicator LED
● Connector with Lock Mechanism (By MOLEX)

One of the Smallest Microstep Drivers in the Industry

This is one of the smallest and lightest microstep drivers in the industry. The driver is 58% lighter and has 32% less install area (based on horizontal installation) compared with our conventional model. This product contributes to the downsizing of your equipment.


Easy-to-Install Heat Radiation Plate Shape