Speed Control Motors
Speed Control Motor and Inverter Packages 200W Type

BHF Series

The BHF Series consists of a high-power output 200W AC motor and inverter packages. Each motor comes as a combination type with a gearhead preassembled.
The dedicated inverter has been selected to match the motor specification, so superior speed control can be performed easily.
The electromagnetic brake type is also available to provide a perfect unit for vertical operation.

Excellent Speed Stability

The combination of a dedicated inverter with a motor achieves excellent speed stability with a speed regulation of only ±3%.
The dedicated inverter has been selected to match the motor specification, so superior speed control can be performed easily without detail adjustments.

Vertical Operation (Gravitational operation) is Possible

The electromagnetic brake motor enables stable speed control even during vertical operation (gravitational operation).
The electromagnetic brake is also automatically controlled by the inverter.

・Regenerated energy generates during vertical operation. Be sure to use a regeneration unit (sold separately).

Automatic Control of Electromagnetic Brake

The speed control motor and inverter package with an electromagnetic brake allows automatic ON−OFF control of the electromagnetic brake (power off activated type) on the inverter side.
There is no need to prepare a separate power supply or program a control sequence.

Smallest Frame Size among 200W Class

The BHF Series achieves an output of 200 W, the highest power among Oriental Motor's standard AC motors, with the smallest frame size (104 mm square) in that class.
This allows for a reduction in the size of your equipment.

Maximum Extension of 50m

The wiring distance between the motor and inverter can be extended to a maximum of 50m.
(Please prepare the appropriate cable separately.)

Full-Range Functionality

Variety of functions such as alarm output, speed monitor output and individual acceleration/deceleration setting.
The inverter also has a built-in I/O power supply.

Wide Product Variations

The combination type, which comes with a pre-assembled gearmotor, is available in a right-angle shaft type equipped with a hypoid gear (hollow shaft, solid shaft) and a parallel shaft type. A wide range of gear ratios are available.
An electromagnetic brake type is also available.

Can be Used World-Wide

This series is available in a wide range of power supply voltage specifications to cover the many countries in the world, including products with single-phase 100-115 VAC, single-phase 200-230 VAC and three-phase 200-230 VAC.