Speed Control Motors
Brushless Motor and Driver Packages

BXII Series

The BXII Series has the highest standard speed control motors. The speed control, position control and torque limiting widely used for various purposes. Ease of use and high reliability at an affordable price.

Torque increased when gear head is attached

By combining with the parallel shaft gearhead, the torque can be increased easily as an AC motor. It is still slim and compact, even if gears are equipped. Being a combination type with preassembled motor and gear, installation to the equipment is simple and no worries of damaging the shaft.


What is torque limiting function?

The setting range for the motor maximum torque at 0∼250% can be limited in 1% increments. Depending on the conditions, motor torque can be controlled for safety, and the product can be used according to your desired application..

bx2_02 bx2_3

Capable of Driving Large Inertial Loads

Motor accommodate for large rotor inertia, therefore no adjustment is needed even when load inertia is large