Speed Control Motors
Brushless Motor and Driver Packages

BMU Series (New Line Up 200/400 W)

The BMU Series (60 line added) featured spin and push with easy speed control, easy wiring and quick start, opening the panel with extensive functions and the new brushless motor is compact, high power, and high efficiency motor. It offers the highest standards of speed control now at an affordable price. new line up is available at 200 W Output Power/Single-Phase 100-120 VAC ,400 W Output Power/Three-Phase 200-240 VAC

Spin and Push for easy control


Easy wiring, with quick start

Energy Savings of the Equipment

New gearhead combination type

With the gearhead's boss section and cut on the installation surface, the installation accuracy with the equipment has been improved. It also achieved lower noise, compared with the conventional model. Since the motor and gearhead come in a preassembled combination type, it can easily be attached to the equipment. The motor, driver, and gearhead comes together, saving time and effort for procurement.

Additional Feature for 200/400 W

Compact, High Output Power and High Efficiency Design

Wide Range Speed Control (Speed Ratio 50:1)

Additional Function

● The front panel operation can be set to Disabled. For the motor to be run by external signals, the switch operation on the front panel can be set to "Disabled".
● The number of I/O input signals has been increased from 3 to 5. BMU Series has satisfied customers' needs, such as "at the time of 4-speed operation, the rotation direction needs to be externally switched" and "an alarm needs to be canceled without turning off the main power".