Speed Control Motors
Brushless Motor and Driver Packages

BLE2 Series

A 400 W motor is newly added to the parallel shaft GFV gearhead and round shaft type motors. Food machinery grease H1 is used for gear lubrication. This BLEII Series is compact, lightweight,high power and energy/ space saving.

Main Features

Enriched performance and functions Usability and reasonable prices
  • Speed Control Range 80~4000 r/min
  • Speed Regulation ±0.2% ※Digital setting
  • Enabled torque control
  • Multiple speed operation Up to 16 speed 
  • Output shaft is held when stopped (up to 50%
    of the rated torque)
  • Degree of Protection IP66 ※Motor only
  • Highly resistant to rust and corrosion by the
    stainless steel shaft
  • Monitoring and testing functions effective for equipment activation and prevention
  • The main body of the driver allows for digital settings and operation
  • The new driver is compact and thin, and multiple drivers can be closely attached with each other
  • Speed can be set through PC operation or external signal
  • Two cable directions can be selected 
  • The motor can directly be connected to the driver Up to 20 m
  • Lineup 30 W~400 W

New additional lineup

Hypoid Right-Angle Hollow Shaft JH Gear


Legged Gearhead JB Gear/Parallel Shaft Gearhead JV Gear


Features of Hypoid Right-Angle Hollow Shaft Gear

In comparison with conventional models, high power is achieved with a slim body and lightweight size. This contributes to downsizing of equipment.


Types and Features of Gearheads for selection

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