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EZ limo EZSII Series for Clean Room Use

The EZSII Series for Clean Room Use is a product designed with the same level of function and performance as the EZSII Series but is ideal for clean room environment.

ISO Standard Class 3 Clean Room Level

This product has achieved the ISO Standard Class 3 rating (equivalent to FED Standard Class 1) through reduced dustgenerative properties using grease and improved airtight properties using a stainless sheet.

● Reference
ISO Standard Class 3:1000 particles or less of 0.1μm particles or more per 1m3 of air.
FED Standard Class 1:Only 1 particle of 0.5μm particles or more per 1 cf (=1 cubic feet) of air.


Utilizes Low Dust-Generative Grease

The bearings for the ball screw, guide and table roller use clean room grease with reduced dust-generative properties.


Linear Slides with Air Couplers for Suction on Either the Left or Right

Air couplers for suction prevent dust from forming on the outside of the linear slide by sucking out dust generated internally.
Left and right joints offer easy installation for your products.