Motorized Actuators
Hollow Rotary Actuators

DGII Series

The new DGII Series uses the highly efficient and energy saving αSTEP AR Series as the motor of the hollow rotary actuator.

In addition to the pulse input type, a highly functional built-in controller type that supports FLEX and increases system configuration flexibility is also available
DGII Series Renewed Appeal

High Efficiency and Energy Saving
A closed loop αSTEP AR Series stepping motor and driver package has been adopted as the motor. This creates a
more efficient and energy saving product compared with conventional models.

High Function Driver Increases System Configuration Flexibility
A system common with the AR Series is now used for control, and functions for easier use of the actuator have
been added. Both a FLEX built-in controller type driver that can beconnected to I/O, Modbus (RTU) and FA networks as well as a pulse input type driver are available.Flexibility for connecting with host systems has also been increased

What is FLEX?
FLEX is a general term for products supporting I/O control, Modbus (RTU) control and FA network control via a network converter. These products enable simple connection andsimple control, shortening the total lead time for system configuration.

Direct Coupling for Higher Reliability

Equipment tables and arms can be installed directly on the output table.
This saves you the hassle and cost of designing an installation mechanism, arranging necessary mechanism parts, adjusting the belt tension, etc., when mechanical components such as a belt and pulley are used for installation.


High Power, High Rigidity

The hollow output table is integrated with a high rigidity crossroller bearing✽.
This structure improves permissible thrust load and moment load while maintaining high torque.
✽ Except for the DG60

High Positioning Accuracy with Non-Backlash

・ Non-Backlash
・ Repetitive Positioning Accuracy ±15sec
・ Lost Motion 2 arc minutes

Large-Diameter, Hollow Output Table Makes Simple Wiring and Piping Possible

The large diameter hollow hole (through-hole) helps reduce the complexity of wiring and piping, thus simplifying your equipment design.

Supporting Sudden Load Fluctuation and Rapid Acceleration

Adopting the αSTEP stepping motor, the DG Series actuator eliminates the need for tuning to prevent hunting upon sudden load fluctuation or rapid acceleration.

A built-in rotor position detection sensor constantly monitors the motor speed and rotations.
If overload is about to occur, closed-loop control is implemented immediately.
With this series, you can also enjoy greater reliability because the positioning completion signal and position detection function can be used to check the actuator condition.


“Home-Sensor Set” is Available as an Accessory

Since the sensor set comes with all the parts required for the return-to-home operation, you will spend less time designing, fabricating and procuring parts relating to sensor installation.

■Selectable Drivers by System

Pulse Input

The motor can be controlled using a pulse generator provided by the customer.
For the absolute type, please contact the nearest Oriental Motor sales office.

Built-In Controller (Stored data)

Direct control can be done from the programmable controller I/O with the built-in controller function. There is space saving because a controller is not necessary.
For the absolute type, please contact the nearest Oriental Motor sales office.