Motorized Actuators
Compact Linear Actuators

DRL Series

In the compact linear actuator DRL Series, the drive mechanism adopts a 5-phase stepping motor with ball screw.
This series achieves highly accurate positioning in a space saving design.

Compact Design and High Positioning Accuracy

The actuator size was reduced through unique ideas that a motor manufacturer can generate.
Using the original technology of Oriental Motor, the compact and lightweight body houses the linear motion mechanism as well as the rotating parts of the stepping motor.
The DRL Series helps to achieve a significant reduction in the size of your equipment and system.

Lineup of Rolled Ball Screw Type and Ground Ball Screw Type


Compact DC Input Board Driver Meeting the Space-Saving Needs

The compact, lightweight driver implements microstep drive.
A new IC allows the driver to provide various functions.

● Smooth Drive Function
● 1-Pulse/2-Pulse Input Mode Switching
● 25 Microstep Drive Resolution Settings are Available
● Power Input Indicator LED
● Photocoupler Input
● Connector with Safety Lock (by MOLEX)
● Conforms to Safety Standards


Compact Microstep Driver

The microstep drive system allows you to set high resolutions up to 1/250 of the basic resolution of the actuator.
This function is effective in meeting your low vibration and low noise operation needs at low speeds.
The high-performance driver is also compact and lightweight, achieving a reduction of approximately 45% in size compared with a conventional full-step type driver.

Low Vibration with the Smooth Drive Function

The smooth drive function automatically implements microstep drive based on the same travel amount and speed used in the full step mode, without changing the pulse input settings.
This function is particularly useful when the system is operated in the full step or half step mode.