Cooling Fans


Thermostat AM1-XA1 automatically performs ON/OFF fan control in accordance with temperature fluctuation inside equipment. It helps improve the equipment's “environmental” performance in terms of energy savings, noise reduction, etc.

Effective for Energy Savings

Thermostat make it possible for fans to operate only when cooling is necessary.
This product makes for energy savings by automatically stopping fans for example, at night, when the amount of heat generation declines following the load factor's decline in equipment, or in winter, when the ambient temperature drops and forced cooling is not necessary.

Noise Reduction

The fans are operated only when cooling is required, thereby keeping fan noise to a minimum.

Easy Setting

Range of Operating Temperature: 0 to +60˚C.
The setting is very easy as all you have to do is set the front panel switch to the desired set temperature.

Elimination of Power Supply

There is no need to provide a separate power supply for the thermostat.

Conforms to DIN Rail, Compact Design

There is a built-in temperature detection unit.

RoHS Directive-Compliant

The AM1-XA1 thermostat conforms to the RoHS Directive that prohibits the use of six chemical substances including lead and cadmium.

■Effective Use of the Thermostat

Using a fan with a thermostat provides automatic ON/OFF control of the fan and air flow switching.

ON/OFF Control of a Single Fan

When the temperature within the enclosure rises to a specified temperature (setting value), the thermostat activates the fan automatically. Once the enclosure interior is sufficiently cooled, it causes the fan to stop. A great way to make energy savings and reduce noise.


ON/OFF Control of Multiple Fans

It can control a maximum of nine MU1238 type fans. (An application example with six fans is shown.) Multiple fans can be effectively controlled in cases where more than one fan is needed to produce the required air flow or static pressure.

am1xa1_03 am1xa1_04

Control the Number of Constant Speed Fans in Operation

The use of two thermostats enables switching the number of fans being operated to change the air flow in accordance with temperature. This helps energy savings and noise reduction.
● This control method is effective in high-density packaging equipment.