Stored-Data Type Controllers


With the SG8030J, all operations including data setting can easily be performed using the four touch pads on the front panel.
In addition, the number of signal lines is reduced to a minimum for easy operation and connection. Vibration during motor operation can be suppressed using the jerk limiting control function.

Front Panel Interface Enables All Settings and Operation Checks

All operations including setting of various data can be performed using the four touch pads on the front panel.
You can also check the status of each operation simply by checking the display on the front panel.


48 mm×48 mm DIN Size and Two Mounting Configurations Available

The body dimensions are compact at 48 mm (W) × 48 mm (H) × 83.7 mm (D).
Two mounting configurations are available, for DIN rail mounting and recessed mounting.

Sequential Positioning Operation/External Signal Operation Possible

Maximum Oscillation Frequency 200 kHz

"Maximum oscillation frequency of 200 kHz" allows motor drive in microsteps.

1-Pulse Output/2-Pulse Output Mode Select Possible

The controller provides both the 1-pulse output mode and 2-pulse output mode, which makes it compatible with a wide range of motor drivers.

Jerk Limiting Control Function for Suppressing Vibration of the Motor

The "jerk limiting control function" lets you suppress vibration that otherwise occurs when the motor is being driven or stopped.
For example, it is effective in situations such as when suppressing vibration from belt pulley driving.