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Industrial Network Products

Industrial Network Products

Multiaxis Driver
Motor control via network communication can detect the status of the motor directly by data. This results in a shorter development period and increased reliability and maintainability of the equipment. By expanding the network compatible product lineup, Oriental Motor meets diversifying network environments of factory automation.

Network-compatible products offer the following benefit:
  • Simple wiring achieves space saving for wiring and smaller equipment size.
  • Transmission distance can be extended making wiring route design easier and enables products to be positioned in appropriate locations.
  • Simple wiring achieves a reduction in man-hours for the wiring process and in the cost of wiring.
  • Operating status is monitored by product input/output information, alarm, etc. This achieves improved maintainability via the system.
  • Simple wiring makes wiring and checking process easier when replacing the product.

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    Usage Examples

    Application cases for the FA Network Direct Connection Type and the Gateway Connection Type will be introduced below.
    Setting of operating data from the network and overwriting of data at any time Implementation of the monitoring necessary for analysis

    Network Communication Factory Management
    Network Communication Factory Management