Standard AC Motors
Watertight, Dust-Resistant Motors

FPW Series
Induction Type

The FPW Series geared motor conforms to the IP67 rating under the IEC standards, which is recognized by UL. It is suitable for use in locations where equipment comes in contact with water or needs to be periodically washed with water.
Models with outputs of 25W, 40W, 60W, and 90W are available, and these products confirm with the RoHS Directive.

Watertight and Dust-Resistant Performance – IP67

This geared motor is a watertight, dust-resistant type that can be used in locations that are splashed with water. These models conform to the IP67 rating for the degree of protection under the IEC Standards.
The motor is not available for use under high pressure jets of water or immersion in water.

IP67 : The IP indication that shows the watertight and dustresistant performance are specified under IEC 60529 and EN 60034-5.
    The FPW Series has been recognized by UL for the IP67 rating. (UL File No. E166348)


Improved Anti-Corrosion Properties

Improved anti-corrosion properties are achieved by employing special coating and a change in the shaft material [stainless steel (SUS303 type)].

Designed and Constructed for Watertight and Dust-Resistant Performance