Standard AC Motors
Linear Heads

LH Linear Heads

Linear heads, just like a gearhead, enable generation of linear motion just through assembly on an AC motor.
Linear heads that can be used with a wide variety of AC motors are also available with a wide variety of strokes. These products can be easily used for applications such as pushing, pulling, lifting, and lowering.
Linear motion can be achieved easily as combination with various motors is possible.

Easy to Achieve a Linear Motion Mechanism

It is quite challenging to design a linear motion mechanism using a ball screw or belt mechanism. With a linear head, both a horizontal direction or vertical direction linear motion mechanism can easily be achieved.

LH Linear Heads 01

Effective Utilization of Space

With a linear head, the tapped holes at both ends of the rack can be fixed to let the head travel. This contributes to space saving for equipment in which motor space is limited.

LH Linear Heads 02

Wide Variety

A wide variety of linear heads are available, depending on basic speed, length of rack, maximum transportable mass, traveling direction of rack movement in respect to the mounting face etc.


Time and labor used for mechanism design can be eliminated and these products can be used in various applications as shown in the figures just through simple electrical wiring.

LH Linear Heads 03