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● High-Intensity with High-Strength Gearhead
● High-Performance Motor with High Energy Efficiency
● User-Friendly Design Reflecting the Voices of countless Customers
● Guaranteed Support from Model Selection to After-Sales Service
● Fan-less structure
● Built-In Oil Seal

High-Intensity Gearhead, High Reliability

Increase in the strength of the gear raises the maximum permissible torque to twice the torque when compared with conventional models. A torque range that was unavailable can now be used.

High Strength

The strength of the permissible radial load and the permissible axial load is twice that of the conventional model.

Long Life

The large bore bearing used for this model extends the gearhead's rated life to 10,000 hours, which is twice that of the conventional model. This reduces the maintenance work for the device.


Noises from motor/gearhead contact have been reduced by 6 dB compared with the conventional standard motor.

Slim Terminal Box

A slim terminal box is used to make wiring work easier. The box is slimmer than conventional products. The cable outlet can be changed by 90 degrees to four different directions. The slim terminal box type conforms to the IP66 rating degree of protection. (Except the installation surface of the round shaft type)

Best for combination with an inverters(Only for KIIS Series)

By combining with an inverter, you can control the speed in a wide range from the low speed at 3 Hz to the high speed at 120 Hz. Even at a low speed, high torque is produced. In addition, less variation under loads enables more stable speed control.
For easy use of an inverter, we provide, for your reference, the "Speed - Torque characteristics" and "Parameter settings for the inverter" when this product is combined with an inverter of another manufacturer. For details, contact our customer support center.

Low heat generation and low vibration

With less heat generation and vibration of the motor, achieved by reduced losses, the reliability of the device has increased.

Environmental Resistance

Operates in a fan-less structure. The reduction in loss has reduced the heat generation in the motor. Therefore, the K Series’s single-phase 220/230 VAC 50 Hz type and the K S Series do not require the cooling fan that was installed in the conventional models of 60 W or higher, resolving the problem of raising dust

IP66 water resistance specification
The sealing structure of the motor, gearhead, and terminal box has been strengthened. The terminal box type * conforms to the IP66 rating degree of protection.
*Excluding the installation surface of the round shaft type

IP66: The IP indication that shows the water-resistant and dust-resistant performance is specified under IEC 60529 and IEC 60034-5