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Asia World K Series

New products that conform to power supply voltages in Asia and exhibit excellent cost performance have been added to Oriental Motor World K Series, which is widely selected for performance, quality, and ease of use.
KII/KIIS Series lineup offers the latest series of induction and electromagnetic type motors using Single or Three Phase power supply.
KII Right-Angle Gearhead Series

KII induction motors that is equipped with highly Efficient next-generation right-angle shaft geared motors.
KII Reversible motor Series
The KII Reversible motors allows for reduced overrun and has better speed torque characteristics.
FPW Series
Watertight, Dust-Resistant Motors, which conform to the IEC standard IP67. Available in 25 W, 40 W, 60 W and 90 W. AC power supply input.
US Series
The US Series is a panel mounted control unit and speed control motor package, which complies with the RoHS directive. Wiring is performed by connecting with an easy-to-use one-touch connectors. This series is perfect for easy speed control applications.
US2 Series
One-class higher performance and reliability by advanced D-loop with easy-to-use functions and stylish look.
DSC Series

Entry model of speed control motors, affordable and compact in size. A line up that consists of output up to 6W ~ 90W.
BMU Series 200/400W

Compact, High Output Power and High Efficiency Design,Wide Range Speed Control from 80~4000rpm.
BLE2 Series
Brushless DC Motor with digital operator and indication.
AC power supply. Lineup 30 - 200 W.
CVK SC Series

5-Phase Stepper Motor and Driver package, DC Power supply input
Controlling the Speed Easily Similar to a Speed control motor.
BXII Series

Speed control, position control and torque limiting capabilities that works similar to a servo motor.
BLH Series

Brushless DC Motor and Compact Board-Type Driver Package. 24 VDC Power supply.
BLV Series

High power, DC power supply input. 24 VDC/48 VDC avaliable.
Output power 200W/ 400W.
BLV Series R Type

High power, More Compact. DC power supply input. 24 VDC/48 VDC avaliable.
Output power 100W / 200W.
AZ Series

Latest series of Closed Loop Stepping Motor. The battery-less technology equipped with the advance ABZO Sensor.
AR Series

High-Efficiency Closed Loop with Controller 0.0036° -0.72°, AC Power Input supply.
CVK Series

The latest Open-Loop Stepping Motor and Driver Package powered using 24 VDC, offers improved low vibration and noise characteristics.
RKII Series

5 Phase Open-Loop stepper motor and controller, with microstepping functions, 0.72°-0.00288°, AC Power Input supply.
CRK Series Built-In Controller Type

Microstep with Integrated Controller 0.72°-0.00288°,AC Power Input supply.
CRK Series Pulse Input Type

5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Package 24 VDC Microstep Drive 0.72°-0.00288°.
PKP Series

High-Torque Stepper Motors 1.8°/0.9°/Geared type.

NX Series
Tuning-Free AC Servo Motor Unit, using Single/three phase power supply, output power range from 50-750W.
SG8030 Controller

Stored-Data Type Controller 2 installation configurations are avaliable: DIN rails and recess installation.
EZS/EAC Series
Motorized Linear Slides EZS Series / Motorized Cylinders EAC Series equipped with the AZ series closed loop stepper motor.
L Series AZ Equipped
Integrated rack and pinion mechanism and stepping motor. The battery-free ABZO sensor AZ series is installed, and high-precision multipoint positioning can be realized easily.
DGII AZ Series
Hollow Rotary Actuators DGII AZ Series closed-loop type.
EAS/EAC Series
Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series / Motorized Cylinders EAC Series equipped with the AZ series closed loop stepper motor.
DGII AR Series
Hollow Rotary Actuator AC/DC power supply input, Frame size from 60 mm - 200 mm.
DRS2 Series

Compact Linear Actuators, Ground Ball Screw/ Rolled Ball Screw Type, Repetitive Positioning Accuracy +- 0.005 mm.
EH Series AZ Equipped

Electric Gripper with a rack-and-pinion mechanism equipped with AZ series. Delicate grip to aid in automation and labour saving.
Cooling Fans Axial, Centrifugal blowers and Cross-flow type cooling fans are available. Both AC Power and DC Power input are avaliable.
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