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Asia World K Series

New products that conform to power supply voltages in Asia and exhibit excellent cost performance have been added to Oriental Motor World K Series, which is widely selected for performance, quality, and ease of use.
FPW Series
Watertight, Dust-Resistant Motors, which conform to the IEC standard IP67. Available in 25 W, 40 W, 60 W and 90 W. AC power supply input.
BMU Series 200/400W

Compact, High Output Power and High Efficiency Design,Wide Range Speed Control from 80~4000rpm.
BLE2 Series
Brushless DC Motor with digital operator and indication.
AC power supply. Lineup 30 - 200 W.
BXII Series

Speed control, position control and torque limiting capabilities that works similar to a servo motor.
BLH Series

Brushless DC Motor and Compact Board-Type Driver Package. 24 VDC Power supply.
BLV Series

High power, DC power supply input. 24 VDC/48 VDC avaliable.
Output power 200W/ 400W.
BLV Series R Type

High power, More Compact. DC power supply input. 24 VDC/48 VDC avaliable.
Output power 60W / 100W / 200W / 400W.
AZ Series

Latest series of Closed Loop Stepping Motor. The battery-less technology equipped with the advance ABZO Sensor.
AZ Series Mini Driver

Latest series of ╬▒STEP Hybrid Stepper Servo Motor with battery-less technology equipped with the advance ABZO Sensor. Now equipped with mini drivers options to allow for smaller equipment and space-saving and compatible with major FA (Factory Automation) network used worldwide.
MRC01 Robot Controller

The MRC01 robot controller supports easy programing and control of in-house designed custom built robots with 3 simple steps: Initial Setup, Operation Programing and Operational Checking.
CVD/PKP Series

The latest Open-Loop Stepping Motor and Driver Package powered using 24 VDC, offers improved low vibration and noise characteristics.
PKP Series

High-Torque Stepper Motors 1.8°/0.9°/Geared type.

PKP Series with Encoder

Equipped with High-Resolution/High Angular Accuracy Encoder

DR/DRS2 Series
DR/DRS2 Series is a Compact Linear Actuator equipped with AZ series suitable for high positioning accuracy and ideal for fine-feed operation.
EZS/EAC Series
Motorized Linear Slides EZS Series / Motorized Cylinders EAC Series equipped with AZ series equipped closed loop stepper motor.
L Series AZ Equipped
Integrated rack and pinion mechanism and stepping motor. The battery-free ABZO sensor AZ series is installed, and high-precision multipoint positioning can be realized easily.
DGII AZ Series
Hollow Rotary Actuators DGII AZ Series closed-loop type.
EH Series AZ Equipped

Electric Gripper with a rack-and-pinion mechanism equipped with AZ series. Delicate grip to aid in automation and labour saving.
DH Series

Designed for precision and space savings, tubing and wiring can pass through the hollow hole, contributing to simpler and smaller equipment.
LJ Series

The LJ Series perfect for high load or long stroke applications with it's rack and pinion mechanism attached to it's parallel shaft gearhead and motor. This makes linear motion such as pushing, plling, raising and lowering possible and perfect for high load or long stroke applications.
AZX Series
These servo motors are equipped with a battery-free absolute sensor. They are suitable for positioning applications with a large amount of travel, since they achieve high torque in the high speed range.
The basic operations are the same as the AZ Series, making combined use in equipment easy.
NX Series
Tuning-Free AC Servo Motor Unit, using Single/three phase power supply, output power range from 50-750W.
MD Series The MD Series 24 VDC axial flow fans have been designed to deliver the best in ventilation and cooling technology. With five different models (basic, alarm, long-life, variable flow and splash proof) to choose from, we guarantee you will find the fan you are looking for.
EMU Series EMU Series is a AC power input low power consumption axial fan equipped with a brushless motor to achieve low power consumption *For more information on other fan series, please contact us.
Cooling Fans Axial, Centrifugal blowers and Cross-flow type cooling fans are available. Both AC Power and DC Power input are avaliable.
KII/KIIS Series lineup offers the latest series of induction and electromagnetic type motors using Single or Three Phase power supply.
KII Right-Angle Gearhead Series

KII induction motors that is equipped with highly Efficient next-generation right-angle shaft geared motors.
KII Reversible motor Series
The KII Reversible motors allows for reduced overrun and has better speed torque characteristics.
US Series
The US Series is a panel mounted control unit and speed control motor package, which complies with the RoHS directive. Wiring is performed by connecting with an easy-to-use one-touch connectors. This series is perfect for easy speed control applications.
US2 Series
One-class higher performance and reliability by advanced D-loop with easy-to-use functions and stylish look.
DSC Series

Entry model of speed control motors, affordable and compact in size. A line up that consists of output up to 6W ~ 90W.
CVK SC Series

5-Phase Stepper Motor and Driver package, DC Power supply input
Controlling the Speed Easily Similar to a Speed control motor.
AR Series

High-Efficiency Closed Loop with Controller 0.0036° -0.72°, AC Power Input supply.
RKII Series

5 Phase Open-Loop stepper motor and controller, with microstepping functions, 0.72°-0.00288°, AC Power Input supply.
CRK Series Built-In Controller Type

Microstep with Integrated Controller 0.72°-0.00288°,AC Power Input supply.
CRK Series Pulse Input Type

5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Package 24 VDC Microstep Drive 0.72°-0.00288°.
EAS/EAC Series
Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series / Motorized Cylinders EAC Series equipped with the AZ series closed loop stepper motor.
DGII AR Series
Hollow Rotary Actuator AC/DC power supply input, Frame size from 60 mm - 200 mm.
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